Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spiritual blogger experiencing one religion a month for a year

Spiritual writer Andrew Bowen has embarked on the ambitious quest called Project Conversion, in which he is immersing himself in one of world's major relgions every month for a year. So far he has experienced Hinduism and the Baha-i faith. But now he is in the midst of the Zarathushti faith and is having trouble.

What is unfortunate his that after his experience with Hinduism, he expected to be better prepared for experiencing other faiths. He wrote in his blog the following:

"Hinduism blew the door of my understanding of the divine off its hinges so that when I left, I was prepared to see God in whatever form presented itself."

But as much as he tries, with the Zarathustri faith, he cannot get past the feeling of being an outsider. And he is having trouble connecting with God.

As a fellow spiritual seeker (I was raised in Catholicism, but have participated in Judaism, Deism, Judaism, Atheism, and for the second time around, and presently, Hinduism), I find his situation interesting. And I am going to leave a comment on his blog sharing my thoughts. (And reproduce the comment here as well.)

The article in which he explains his current dilemma can be found here.

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